The Cherry ISA

Estimated at £6 trillion, the UK’s residential property market is worth more than the combined value of UK equities and commercial property. It’s easily the UK’s most valuable asset class.

To date though, pooled investment arrangements have struggled to offer products that tap into the UK’s residential property. But times are changing. With Cherry, you can invest in property returns without the hassle of owning somewhere yourself. That means no upkeep, maintenance or tenant management; just the new opportunity to invest in the property market as a whole.

This ground-breaking arrangement offers returns based on UK RPI (retail price index) and/or HHPI (Halifax house price index) – non-seasonally adjusted. It’s a stocks-and-shares ISA that grants you access to tax-free growth.

Funds raised by the Cherry Property ISA are invested in UK residential property via CoBuy. CoBuy, a product owned by the Cherry team, makes it easier for potential home-owners to take that first step on the housing ladder. Cherry buys UK residential properties, then part-sells and part-rents them to private individuals under the CoBuy brand.

With a CoBuy home, we’ve halved the size of the mortgage needed, and also halved the deposit potential owners need to save. They buy half the home upfront and rent the rest, with the option to increase the percentage of the property they own over time until they own the whole place.

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Over the last 20 years, UK property prices have grown by 14.34% P.A. on average.

FTSE | Property

Here’s how it works

Take your pick

Choose from a range of risk and return profiles with the Cherry ISA. Your returns are linked to the whole of the UK housing market (or Welsh, if you choose), rather than to individual properties or portfolios. You can also inflation-proof your investment with the RPI option.

(HHPI) = Halifax House Price Index
Non seasonally adjusted

Capital at risk : As with all investments, the value of your Cherry investments can decrease as well as increase. It could take the time it takes to sell a property, or longer, to get your money back at an acceptable price.

Yields may be lower than estimated.

A Stocks and Shares ISA may not be right for everyone and tax rules may change in the future. If you are unsure if an ISA is the right choice for you, please seek independent financial advice.

The Barclays UK Property Predictor reveals property prices across the UK will rise by 6.1% in the next five years.

Barclays UK Property Predictor

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Investment returns

How are these figures calculated?

These figures are based upon the historical actual performance of the Halifax House Price Index (non-seasonally adjusted) and RPI for the past five years. The figures can only give an illustrative indication of performance. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results or performance.


With the Cherry ISA, you’ll get access to a password-protected online portal. This allows you to view your investment and track its changes. The platform fee is 0.36%, and the annual management charge is 1%.

If you withdraw your money within two years, there is an 8% exit fee. There’s no fee after two years.

Funding your account

For a new ISA, simply credit your account with funds using a debit card. With an ISA Transfer, we’ll contact your existing ISA provider on your behalf.

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